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Finding inspiration


In life there are people that you meet, books you read, pictures or sights you see that inspire you to be a better person. That feeling may last a few minutes or a lifetime but when it happens you know.
I’ve found inspiration in a lot of things from awe inspiring art work, to heartfelt prose. I’ve found inspiration watching waves crash on a beach, with the sound if each of my children’s heart beat while inside the womb to their first cries outside the womb. I’ve found different kinds of inspiration in different situations but with each and every new joy, with every new desire to do better, to be better I change a little more every time.
I’m getting to a point where for the first time EVER in my life I can look at me, where I’ve been and where I’m going and say man, I’m glad to be me! I thank each and every little inspiration I’ve met along the way for the lessons they’ve taught good and bad for without them I wouldn’t be half the person I am today.
(P.S. have you any idea how hard it is to take a picture of clouds with a cell phone while holding a fishing pole that’s getting a bite? Neither did I till I took this picture last Saturday)


Some days are like that


I find that ruptures can express the things that words fail to do. This one taken yesterday did a perfect job of capturing my mood of the day…..sunny outlook with an overlay of dark clouds. Some days are just like that the thing is to not get so wrapped up on focusing on the dark clouds that you forget there’s a sunny outlook. The sun is ALWAYS shinning above the clouds (unless its night time) just remember that. For me personally its been a rough couple of weeks, bad or sad news on all sides not to mention my own personal problems but I’m trying really hard to nit let these things get me down. Life goes on….maybe a little differently than it did 20 seconds ago or even yesterday or last week but it keeps going. In these times adjust your course don’t loose sight of the sun and make your way through the dark cloud overlay in the end I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you did.