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Another great day


Today some celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, some celebrate Easter, others just use it as a reason to get together, catch up and hang out. Whatever your choice on this Sunday I hope it was a wonderful sunny day for you filled with all the things that make you happy.


What a day

Today was a good day filled with good times, laughter, a new insult to use on people…..(ever heard someone say another person smells like a dirty crocodile butt?), some Sun, some heavy rain, lightening and thunder that shook my windshield.

The best part though was this


I think spring has found its way to Western Washington. Good night all.


When I was younger our family would load up for a weekend getaway to this great little place called Marblemount, WA. This romp took place in January and was usually met with some sort of adventure just getting there.

The highlight of the trip for our parents was watching the Bald Eagles that nest there in the early part of the year. The highlight of the trip for me was the super cute little cabin we would stay in and the adorable little chapel that was across the road. Oh yeah and the snow!!!

Now that I’m older I wish I had paid just a tiny bit more attention to the birds. I paid enough to get a working knowledge but not so much that I can make informative statements on the subject of our nations symbol.

Lately I’ve been noticing these majestic wonders have have soaring around the area I live in. I’m not sure if its because we live fairly close to a Puget Sound inlet or what but they still fill me with wonder and awe. When given the chance I stop what I’m doing and just watch them soar, its a sight that is wonderful to behold from the purely brown immature bald birdy to the simply amazing full grown it always fills me with hope, pride and a sense of wonder.

The joy that I feel when seeing them hasn’t spread to my children so I’m thinking maybe next January we will make an adventerous romp of our own and then they can be filled with memories of cabins, chapels and a little bit of bald birdy of their own.


As to be expected with large scale tragedies as the events of yesterday people all over the country and the world are using this time to voice their opinion. I am trying very hard to refrain from putting my two cents in but have instead decided to look inward.

Life gets hectic, juggling multiple schedules, doing the things that are important to your family and survival -for most somewhere in that equation some things begin to slip. We get so busy over here that we loose sight of what’s going on over there. I think that for my family its time to put our focus back on what’s going on right here.

Yesterday with the killing of all those young children and the stabbing of others and then again this morning the shooting in the hospital in Birmingham, AL I think its time to hold my children a little closer, for a little longer.

It’s been long said take care what you do today for tomorrow isn’t promised to you…..we as people tend to sit in this little bubble and shake our heads in disbelief or shed a few tears upon hearing of a tragedy but at the same time we’re thinking it was over there not here so we’re still safe. No!!! No one is safe from death, its a part of life. It’s horrible when it happens to those so young for any reason and it grieves my heart to even think what those families must be going through which is why I say take the time while you have it to turn off the tv, the phone, the computer and really spend time with those around you…..your loved ones. Anything can happen at anytime and then it will be to late to take back those last words said in anger, or to do all those things you were planning but never made time for. Now more than ever is the time to let those you love know that they ARE more important than your job, your tv shows, your games on the computer or game console hold your babies tight and start memories.

On Family Time

When I was growing up we spent quit a bit of time with family. Some of my best and fondest memories envolve me and my cousins hanging out bring kids, doing stuff that kids do. As time went on marriages ended in divorce, people moved away and people started living seperate lives. We kept in touch by phone, letters, photos in the mail, then email and now social media sites. The only problem with that is even with the social media we’re all still missing out on face time. There have been things that have happened to family members that no one knew about until way past the event, there have been casual mentions of things but very little face time.

These people are family some of my first best friends and I’m watching their lives via media instead of being actively involved. My kids don’t know most of their family. Yeah, they’ve got names to go with faces but they don’t know them. They couldn’t tell you who their favorite cousin is or their fondest memory that involves a family member close to their own age.

Sooooooo……. In light of this and some very scary things that have happened to one of my favorite cousins in the last 2 days I’m taking a stand and I’ve decided if I can spend money taking my kids out to eat I can save money to take my kids to eat with family. Some are in state, some are a few hours away, some are a few days away. All are important and all need to know as much.

I feel as if in the 21st century people have gotten amazingly lazy (I’m just as guilty) everything else is more important and these people that you know and love will still be there when your life slows down. But what if they aren’t or better yet what if you aren’t? If someone is that important to you, MAKE time before its to late.

The Exercise Game

Up until late last night I have been really down on myself due to my lack of motivation to consistantly exercise then it hit me.

I get plently of exercise just not in a conventional sense. I don’t go to the gym and I’m lucky if I do anything with any of the pilaties or yoga dvds I’ve spent a good chunk of change on. Mostly it’s because I have this thing about exersicing infront of people. If it’s a group setting and everyone is doing the same thing that’s fine but if I’m in my livingroom and my kids or husband wake up it’s over. The dvd goes off mid whatever. I just can’t do it, but anyhow back to how I do exercise.

It’s been well documented that I have 4 kids and all of them are active. It’s not unusual to find me running through the house playing hide and go seek with the younger two, or dancing with my daughter, or wrestling or sparing with my husband and oldest son. I would say within any given day I probably get 2 1/2 hours of exercise.

Am I targeting the areas I want to loose weight in? Nope. Am I consistantly getting my heart rate up? You betcha. Sooooo I’m gonna keep on playing, continue dancing and sparring after all these are the sorts of things my kids will look back on and say,  “hey, remember when mom would play with us?” Which I think is a more lasting memory than mom doing 500 curls everyday to get back to a pre 3 c-section belly.

So bring on some good music, a rousing tickle fest or sparring match and I’ll keep making happy memories with my kids.



After a long night of a scary allergic reaction to something my 2 yr old got into we decided to load up the puppy and go for a walk. There is this wonderful walking “trail” in our neck of the woods that spans MILES! It’s like the south sounds version of the Burke Gilman trail that starts in North Seattle. Anyhoo….so we walked, ran, and furthered the leash training of our 7 1/2 month old pit bull/ boxer puppy. We had a GREAT TIME until seasonal allergies had my 11 year old almost break out in hives. How far did we walk you wonder??? We went 5 1/2 miles one way (whoot whoot!!) I didn’t inform the kiddos of how far we trekked until we were safely back in the van. We’ve decided to make it a weekly Saturday thing. (Whoo hoo I will yet shed those last few super stubborn baby pounds). Hope everyone had a great Saturday