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Finding inspiration


In life there are people that you meet, books you read, pictures or sights you see that inspire you to be a better person. That feeling may last a few minutes or a lifetime but when it happens you know.
I’ve found inspiration in a lot of things from awe inspiring art work, to heartfelt prose. I’ve found inspiration watching waves crash on a beach, with the sound if each of my children’s heart beat while inside the womb to their first cries outside the womb. I’ve found different kinds of inspiration in different situations but with each and every new joy, with every new desire to do better, to be better I change a little more every time.
I’m getting to a point where for the first time EVER in my life I can look at me, where I’ve been and where I’m going and say man, I’m glad to be me! I thank each and every little inspiration I’ve met along the way for the lessons they’ve taught good and bad for without them I wouldn’t be half the person I am today.
(P.S. have you any idea how hard it is to take a picture of clouds with a cell phone while holding a fishing pole that’s getting a bite? Neither did I till I took this picture last Saturday)



As to be expected with large scale tragedies as the events of yesterday people all over the country and the world are using this time to voice their opinion. I am trying very hard to refrain from putting my two cents in but have instead decided to look inward.

Life gets hectic, juggling multiple schedules, doing the things that are important to your family and survival -for most somewhere in that equation some things begin to slip. We get so busy over here that we loose sight of what’s going on over there. I think that for my family its time to put our focus back on what’s going on right here.

Yesterday with the killing of all those young children and the stabbing of others and then again this morning the shooting in the hospital in Birmingham, AL I think its time to hold my children a little closer, for a little longer.

It’s been long said take care what you do today for tomorrow isn’t promised to you…..we as people tend to sit in this little bubble and shake our heads in disbelief or shed a few tears upon hearing of a tragedy but at the same time we’re thinking it was over there not here so we’re still safe. No!!! No one is safe from death, its a part of life. It’s horrible when it happens to those so young for any reason and it grieves my heart to even think what those families must be going through which is why I say take the time while you have it to turn off the tv, the phone, the computer and really spend time with those around you…..your loved ones. Anything can happen at anytime and then it will be to late to take back those last words said in anger, or to do all those things you were planning but never made time for. Now more than ever is the time to let those you love know that they ARE more important than your job, your tv shows, your games on the computer or game console hold your babies tight and start memories.

This week’s lesson

I have learned this week that for all my youthful appearance I am no longer a spring chicken. I’m not old as the hills but I don’t think I’ll be competing in any feats of youth and vigor anytime soon.

The other thing I’ve learned back pain is 100% non discriminatory. It can happen at any time to any one and knock you on your butt for awhile. I never really thought much about what I do in my daily life, its simply what I do everyday but I’ve now come to see I do a lot more than I thought I did. Now with the least little twist or bend the muscles in my lower back will set off a series of spasms that can not be ignored then there is the stiffness and the swelling…..its just all bad.

So I can say I’ve learned beyond a shadow of a doubt that I no longer need to push myself to extremes. Everything will still get done, maybe not as quickly as I prefer but it will still happen. I’ve also learned that I need to slow down and really take me time. My kids will be ok if I exit stage left for a little bit to get some rest and most importantly its a really good idea to pay attention to the cues your body gives you. These are signals that something isn’t right and changed need to be made.

Hopefully I won’t need physical therapy but I do plan on learning some good back exercises so I can maintain good spinal health. After all it is the part that holds me upright.

Happy Thursday all. Make it a good one!

Stepping up….to step down

It takes a lot out of a person to put love, time, money, effort into something just to have it taken away. I’ve had a hard time dealing with some of the cards that have been dealt but I’m finally to a place of letting go. There are quite a few people who have hurt me and my family but we continue to show love.

We stepped up to step down.

Stepping up to step down is what happens when you have the grace to say I didn’t think my time on this was done but here you can take the reins. With these types of transfers some people learn what others make look easy is really a hard road but also sometimes the reverse is true, a person can make something look so difficult and challenging but it ends up being a cake walk. I guess it depends on the people involved and the circumstances.

Not everyone is able to step up to step down, I think it takes a lot of strength of character, a super dose of faith and a lot of support but if you are able to do it if ever your time comes you will find rewards can be found when you step down. If nothing else you will at least have the self satisfaction of trying.

Color blind

The world is full of people who are obsessed with color. I just don’t get it. I am African American, black, negro whowever you (carefully and pc) choose to label it. My husband is caucasian, white (however you carefully and pc choose to label it). Our children are…..bi-racial. But really couldn’t it be argued that we are all multi racial? Is there truely a “pure” race of any kind left on this earth but really does it matter? If so why? Let’s break this down into easy terms shall we. Racisim is saying I don’t like you because your color isn’t similar to mine. So let’s say your best friend looks white but that persons birth certificate lists them as black is that person going to stop being your friend? Come on folks let’s stop being petty and superfical.

Life is not one great big soap opera and the world is not a giant elementary school. True equality starts at home. Teach your children all people were created equal and to be color blind. Like or dislike a person based on your personal interaction with THAT person, not because they look different, talk different or walk different. In so doing lets see how much better the world is for future generations.