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Expanding the heart


So……as pretty much everyone is aware a week ago we said good bye to our two beloved pits Bruiser and Sarge. Our younger kids not understanding what and why have been asking us relentlessly to get a new dog. There was much debate between Clint and myself as to if we would EVER get another dog, and if so what kind. Today Clint got a phone call from a friend of his saying he had a dog for us. I wasn’t thrilled but I figured what the hey. I wasn’t fully expecting such an adorable bundle of cuteness!! We haven’t come up with a name yet for our newest member but I’m thinking Bandit….we shall see. For now I’m glad that I’m able to open my heart and home to another fur baby.


A new day

Yesterday was a hard and heartbreaking day, our family will never be the same. We had to say goodbye to our two pitbulls after they got into a fight and suffered major injuries. There were and will continue to be many tears shed over the loss of our beloved puppies but at the same time there were many memories shared….the good ones. I looked through all the photos I have on my phone and posted an online photo album of our doggies and some friends added their own pictures as well. It’s one small step in the healing process but I can already tell this isn’t going to be an easy road nor a short journey. I drempt about our dogs last night, about their fight and woke up looking in the backyard for them, I even tapped on the window like I did every morning..then I remembered they aren’t there.
It’s a new day filled with new hope but its also filled with pain. In time some of that may go away but for now I have an empty backyard and two less family members.


The last few weeks and months have been really hard but nothing compaired with today. Today we had to say good bye to two members of our family. They were greatly loved even if we didn’t always show it and their absences will be felt deeply and for years to come. It’s a great thing to love, its a hard thing to let go. My heart goes out to everyone and anyone else that has ever been through a needless loss of any kind. My love goes with Sarge and Bruiser, already home isn’t the same.