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The weather makes the difference


My love affair with the south began in 1997 when I got stationed at Fort Lee by the Army. It reminded me of Washington state but with warmer weather. I love my home state but I also love warmer weather. Washington is beautiful and there’s so much to do and see if you’ve got money or not but at the same time all that grey and cold wears on a body.
After 7 years of living back in Seattle we decided to move the fam back to Alabama. It’s so much more laid back and of course there’s the added bonus of livable weather.  Take today today for example. After an overnight low of 34 we’ve now got 64 degrees. Perfect park weather for a certain little person who isn’t in school yet.
I will always love Washington and I always miss Seattle when I’m gone from there but you just can’t beat 60s in January and perfect spring temperatures starting in late February to mid March.


The Washington I love

This morning I woke up to freezing temps, a light layer of frost (and in some areas ice) and fog. It reminded me of the thing that I love the most about Western Washington. The crisp cold air that cleans the heart and soul when you walk out in the morning, the simple beauty of an almost winter morning, and the wonderful sight of Mt. Rainier towering over it all in his majestic beauty. This is the Washington that I love.

I don’t love freezing half to death unless I’m on a pair of skis about to tackle the side of a mountain but I do love the way this state looks when it puts on it’s winter coat. Much the same as I love the way the city proper looks in the summer with the ferries skating across the water, sun shining (yes believe it or not the sun does shine here from time to time) and the Space Needle in the background.

This is a beautiful city and state which is probably why I miss it so much when I’m gone. There is so much to see and do from hiking in the forest, to climbing mountains then skiing down them in the winter, There’s fishing and hunting (if that’s your thing), indoor sports, outdoor sports, tons of walking or bike riding trails. But best of all and the thing that I love the best…..in late fall, early winter there is the freshest crispest air…..*aaahhhhh* the Washington that I love.


I live in western Washington in the great Pacific Northwest, where we are know for our wet weather and now also vampiers that glitter amoung other things. The labels attached to this region for the most part are fair and true however there is one that tends to go without mention and that is just hoe deceptive the weather in this fair region can be. I woke up at 7 this morning to rain, left in grey skies but came out of class to blue skies and white puffy clouds. Not even a hint of the yuck weather that was around this morning. To bad it’s still cold……makes me miss the south even more.