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Spring is springing


Spring is FINALLY springing in Alabama. I LOVE it!! Then again I love spring in the south… the temps are just right,  my allergies aren’t so haywire that I have to stay indoors and all the blood suckers aren’t populated yet. So awesome. Hopefully spring is springing where ever you are in the US.


Learning to be the Robin


It’s spring (according to the calander anyway….I think in most places the weather hasn’t gotten the memo yet). With spring comes an influx of life and one of my favorite creatures…..the robin.

Robins to me signify that spring is here, the peaceful beings sing their pretty song while hidden in the trees, they don’t disturb the trash or people in general. They are content to hop around the grass and trees looking for what is a tasty morsal to them. While being themselves they help the environment and keep things moving along in the circle of life.

Their quiet nature appeals to me which makes it easy for me to watch them for hours. Thursday of last week I did just that while sitting in my car. I watched a robin hop around in the grass, pecking at this and that. At the slightest hint of movement the robin would fly into a nearby thicket of trees, once the robin felt safe again it would come back out and resume its activities.

This got me thinking am I a robin in life? Do I lead a peaceful exsistance, not disturbing other people or leaving a trail of trash in my wake, do I give back as much or equal to what I receive? For something I could say yes but others need improvement. So I’ve made it my goal to be more like the robin, namely to give back equal to what I receive.

This isn’t something that everyone does but everyone should. In recent years I’ve become lazy and self focused, still caring for others but only helping those in my immediate circle. If everyone were like me the world would be a sorry place (just being honest), so its time to get out of me and mine and look to helping others, quietly, peacefully and unassumingly giving back. Making it part of my nature. Not because I HAVE to but because I should, because helping others is one small part of the circle of life and who knows who I may meet in my journey and in what ways they will touch and affect my life.

I don’t want kiddos or accolades I just want to be the best person I can, in all things, just like the robin. Quietly hopping around, helping out but without drawing attention to myself (and minus the worm eating also). I’m looking forward to starting this new journey. It’s bound to be full of adventure.

Spring in all its spider webbed glory

For the record…..I detest spider webs. My dislike of the silky strings is akin to most women’s reaction to the creators of the strings that fly into people’s eyes, face, hair, hand or mouth unaware. I do however like waking up on a bright spring morning and catching glimpse of webs covered in dew or blades of grass woven together with fine silk threads or my absolute favorite a pine tree with webs in its boughs. That to me is part of the beauty of spring.
(It also helps to know where the webs are so I don’t get caught in one and start looking totally foolish as I beat myself silly trying to make sure its all off of me)

Here’s to spring in all its spider web covered glory!


What a day

Today was a good day filled with good times, laughter, a new insult to use on people…..(ever heard someone say another person smells like a dirty crocodile butt?), some Sun, some heavy rain, lightening and thunder that shook my windshield.

The best part though was this


I think spring has found its way to Western Washington. Good night all.

Happy first day of Spring

Happy first day of Spring everyone! I would love to post beautiful pictures of great weather but I live in Western Washington where we are having


I hope others are having a prettier first day of Spring.

P.S. the weather that is in the picture that is above just turned into this in the time it took for me to tag this post (I promise I didn’t run outside and spray the window with a garden hose)