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A sad state of affairs

A few days ago I took my two youngest boys to the park closest to where we live. It’s a really nice park, or could be if older teens didn’t ruin it for the little kids and community at large.

Shortly after getting to the park I  noticed spray paint on the slide but couldn’t make out what it said until I got right to the slide. There were also the usual insults about others scrawled on various toys and of course the obligatory crude drawings of genitals.

Luckily for me my two little ones didn’t notice. They were just happy to have a nice enough day to go to the park and play, but it made me sad. Why is it that kids feel it ok to deface public places that smaller kids frequent and do these kinds of things with absolutely no regard for the little kids that it has the potential to affect? Again I’m glad that my boys didn’t notice or if they did that they didn’t say anything. So I’ve decided to call the city and report the defacement but it would be nice if I could call the city instead to register a complient rather than a complaint.


(Due to the offensive nature of the things written I’ve chosen not to include any of those images but rather a happier one of my boys having a good time)


Saying Goodbye

Today was a bitter sweet day for me as a parent….my oldest is now offically a sophmore in high school, my little girl will be in the 6th grade, my standing comedian will be starting kindergarden *sigh* that just leaves one at home for me to love on and spoil during the day. It’s great that my children are advancing and doing so well but at the same time it means they are getting older and embracing more independance – yeah, it’s kind of a mixed bag. We 100 for sure are NOT adding to our brood but every once in awhile I wish I could turn back the hands of time, even just even for a few moments so I could love on them a little more when they were little. Wishful thinking but there it is. I’m very proud of the people my not so little ones are becoming and I’m very greatful that I was choosen to be in their lives. But anyway…..enough of the mushy. I hope you all have an amazing weekend 🙂


All that jazz

New year, new beginnings and all that jazz right? Let me say I like so many others am very happy to have 2011 done and over with. Last year wasn’t my best year but it wasn’t my worst either. It was just somewhere in the middle the the painful thinfs from the year before (2010) all happened at the end of the year so it made 2011 feel not so great. Ahhhhhh but now we’ve got a chance for a fresh start and life is getting back on track.

I go back to school in 7 short days (whoo hoo!!!). I am excited about that one and for the most part I have overwhelming support in my decision and new choosen career path which makes me even more excited to see how this is all going to pan out.

Next is the sudden arrival back home of my true partner in times – my big sis Jonii (aka as is home) (you should check out her blog here on wordpress good stuff and a good mix of stuff as well). Her arrival wasn’t the way any of us would have planned but she’s here and that’s all that matters. 

Next, I am beginning to feel my age in some small ways, my oldest will be 16 in a couple of weeks!!! It’s an odd feeling being on the parental side of 16 but I’m sure it will be a wonderful adventure as life tends to be when one has children. Also this year my little comedian Steve Steve will be starting school thank goodness that’s not until September.

So as you read there is already much to be thankful for in this new year and a lot to look forward too. There are also many dreams that will take root and hopefully grow into great things. I have sooo much to look forward to……I think 2012 is gonna be great!!

Happy New Year and Happy Monday do something wonderful with your day 🙂