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Of major concern

As is well documented I’m currently a college student (again), attending a local community college which has been a fairly enjoyable experience even if some of my classes weren’t great we have a beautiful campus with a great view of the Sound and the Olympic Mountain range, this lovely campus has if late become a hot bed of theft. Not just any type of theft iPhone theft. It started with one incident and has now gone up to 10 reported robberies just THIS month!!

As with crimes that escalate it started with the threat of violence and has now gone to the point where one victim was briefly hospitalized due to injuries. Also these robbers were only striking at night but the latest incident (yesterday) happened at 2 in the afternoon!!

Campus security and the city’s local police department haven’t been able to catch the thieves mostly due to poor descriptions and the fact that these people seem to move quick also I suppose if a person has just had their cell phone stolen its kind of hard to call 911. So now the laid back atmosphere of the school is becoming up tight and suspicious. I turn my phone off and put it in my purse before I even get to campus because I don’t want my month old iPhone stolen.

My husband has asked me recently if I would consider changing schools because he’s worried about my safety. I told him for my night classes I park under a light and usually right next to or very close to one of the emergency phones that are located through put the parking lot. This situation is alarming and a bit unnerving, I hope both groups (1 male group and 1 female group) are caught soon and brought to justice. I also hope that if there does happen to be another robbery that the person is able to give a really good accurate description to both the police and campus security. Until then I will continue to act as if I don’t have a phone while I’m at school.