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Spring is springing


Spring is FINALLY springing in Alabama. I LOVE it!! Then again I love spring in the south… the temps are just right,  my allergies aren’t so haywire that I have to stay indoors and all the blood suckers aren’t populated yet. So awesome. Hopefully spring is springing where ever you are in the US.


The weather makes the difference


My love affair with the south began in 1997 when I got stationed at Fort Lee by the Army. It reminded me of Washington state but with warmer weather. I love my home state but I also love warmer weather. Washington is beautiful and there’s so much to do and see if you’ve got money or not but at the same time all that grey and cold wears on a body.
After 7 years of living back in Seattle we decided to move the fam back to Alabama. It’s so much more laid back and of course there’s the added bonus of livable weather.  Take today today for example. After an overnight low of 34 we’ve now got 64 degrees. Perfect park weather for a certain little person who isn’t in school yet.
I will always love Washington and I always miss Seattle when I’m gone from there but you just can’t beat 60s in January and perfect spring temperatures starting in late February to mid March.

Beef (stew) it’s what’s for dinner

As mentioned earlier today Alabama is under some serious Artic influenced weather. With lows that are going to be super low again tonight I decided to treat my kiddos to some homemade beef stew. It’s an instant hit and the best part (unbeknownst to said children) it’s my first time EVER making beef stew. Yup I said it….. This is the first time I’ve made it not out of a can.
I can’t share a recipe cuz I didn’t use one…… Most of the time I don’t use…… But I am sharing a picture hopefully that’ll work in a recipes place.
Here’s to staying warm.