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Where are the superheros?

Here’s the thing……I have a wonderfully intelligent 5 year old that will be starting school in September. He can count up to 14 by himself (so getting to 20 or 30 shouldn’t be a problem), he’s learning to write his A,B,C s but when it comes to reciting those A,B,C s nothing. I get a very frustrated little guy who starts to cry because he can’t seem to retain his letters. So my thought is……instead of offering children boring and blase flash cards or books to help with memorization fun why not cater to children? Where are the flash cards with superheros or Nick Jr or Disney Jr characters? Teachers can only do so much and I’m pretty sure when it comes to most kids their memorization skills would improve if they could relate what they are memorizing what they are learning to what they watch. Soooo…..if any of you parents out there know of where I can find flash cards or preschool books with letters and numbers in them that also have Avangers or Justice League that would be wonderful information to have. I know some may say make them yourself however I’m not THAT creative of a person and wouldn’t even know where to begin something like that. Hope everyone is having a GREAT day!! 🙂


Random acts

We’ve heard it before…..”practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.” Yesterday I was able to witness an act first hand. We had people over for dinner ( not really a big deal – I always cook like I’m feeding an army) the meal was just kind of thrown together but good none the less. Anyhow after dinner I took a moment to relax and veg infront of the TV. While I was doing that one of the dinner guests went into the kitchen and started washing dishes. Then my daughter went in and cleaned the counters, then my 5 year old son cleared the table, wiped it down and “mopped” the floor in the kitchen. By the time I went back into my kitchen last night everything was gleaming and I was moved to tears. These,are things that normally I do by myself but to have people do these things for me touched me on a very deep level. I hope that all of you are blessed with a random act of kindness today