A part of the journey


Adult life is NOTHING like I dreamed it would be when I was a child or a teen. Lot’s of things happened that I let get in the way of the dreams that I had for myself. None of them were really concrete but they were still my dreams. Now years later I’m finally starting to work on achiving some of those things. I’ve noticed on this part of the journey that some things are better left to the young, with their cocky devil may care attitudes but other things require wisdom, grace and experince that comes with age. I’m not saying that I’m old but I’ve been places and done things that younger people won’t get a chance to exerience. A person can share knowledge but it’s not the same as living through a similiar situation or set of circumstances. My hat will remain firmly in place but I will at times tip my brim at the youth for they are wonderful, remarkable people (on the whole). I however, prefer my age, my wisdom and my knowledge that came as a part of the journey of having once been in their shoes.


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