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What a week!!!


This is a picture of my backyard takrn the day before yesterday. The snow was so pretty and really wasn’t that bad. For the most part we had prepared in advance for the weather. What we didn’t count on was the freezing rain and ice that came right on the heels of the snow totally freezing the perfectness of the snow. At my home we had 6 inches of snow and the kids had a blast. My husband did not. He’s a tow truck driver so he spent most of his time in the weather……freezing. The freezing rain did a major number on roads, trees, powerlines and life in general. We ended up without power for 36 hours. The first few hours were ok but as we got over the 24 hour mark people started going power crazy. My kids wanted to watch tv, I wanted to take my psyc test (which I did last night), and we all wanted the heat back on. As of early this morning there were still people in our area without power. I am happy that we are not in that number. Hope everyone elses week went better than mine. πŸ™‚


Ketchup anyone?


So today I’m trying to catch up on all the housework that has gone undone this week. My 10 year old daughter being the lovely little girl that she can be made lunch for herself and her brothers….chicken nuggets and french fries. No biggie, just one less thing mom will have to do. Someone however thought that it would be a good idea to give a plate of food with ketchup on it, to a two year old, in his room…..(so he can watch Nemo). The end result you ask? Well you saw the picture……now it’s one more thing for mom to do πŸ™‚ happy snowy sunday.

A school with a view


As I’m sure it’s been noted this was my first week back in school after 6 years and I gotta say I’d forgotten how difficult it can be to be in college. More so with two little ones at home begging for attention as soon as I walk in the doorΒ  and not taking Mommy needs to study for an answer. My 4 year old has asked me at random times this week, “So are you a nurse yet?” Lol gotta love little minds. Anyhooo……by the time winter quarter is over I should be in shape and be sporting a somewhat bigger brain. In the meantime be sure I will post lots more pictures of the view from my school cuz it’s kind of awesome. What you can’t see in this picture is the Olympic mountain range… there was a blanket of clouds at the bottom so only the snow covered peaks were showing. Sometimes I feel so blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest. Have a great weekend ya’ll now that I’m awake it’s time to crack open the books again πŸ™‚ and wait for the snow storm to hit.image
Now you can see the mountains

Merrily we roll along

I apologize for my lack of post for the last week. It’s been a very laid back low key week for me as it’s my last week before school starts. Monday should prove to be interesting, I am still waiting to see if I will get into my Biology class (praying that I do I am now down to number 9 so hopefully). This week has also been a bonding week for me and my sis (as is home – really should check out her blog good stuff I tell ya). She just came back home after being gone for a year. I missed that girl like crazy I’m not even going to lie. She’s been having a good time (I hope) hanging out with her niece and nephews and laughing daily at this comdey I star in called my home life. As you can see there really isn’t much going on here currently just real low key unless you count my mood swings……they’ve been driving everyone crazy especally me. Today will be ummmmm….. different. There is a desk in the garage that needs to make it’s way upstairs a kitchen table that needs to be cleaned and moved and then the hunt for a free office chair on Craigslist. I have signed on for the long haul mother load of studying for the next 2+ years – pray for me ya’ll. Until next time be well, tell those you love daily that you love them and never forget who you are.

All that jazz

New year, new beginnings and all that jazz right? Let me say I like so many others am very happy to have 2011 done and over with. Last year wasn’t my best year but it wasn’t my worst either. It was just somewhere in the middle the the painful thinfs from the year before (2010) all happened at the end of the year so it made 2011 feel not so great. Ahhhhhh but now we’ve got a chance for a fresh start and life is getting back on track.

I go back to school in 7 short days (whoo hoo!!!). I am excited about that one and for the most part I have overwhelming support in my decision and new choosen career path which makes me even more excited to see how this is all going to pan out.

Next is the sudden arrival back home of my true partner in times – my big sis Jonii (aka as is home) (you should check out her blog here on wordpress good stuff and a good mix of stuff as well). Her arrival wasn’t the way any of us would have planned but she’s here and that’s all that matters.Β 

Next, I am beginning to feel my age in some small ways, my oldest will be 16 in a couple of weeks!!! It’s an odd feeling being on the parental side of 16 but I’m sure it will be a wonderful adventure as life tends to be when one has children. Also this year my little comedian Steve Steve will be starting school thank goodness that’s not until September.

So as you read there is already much to be thankful for in this new year and a lot to look forward too. There are also many dreams that will take root and hopefully grow into great things. I have sooo much to look forward to……I think 2012 is gonna be great!!

Happy New Year and Happy Monday do something wonderful with your day πŸ™‚