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Stepping up….to step down

It takes a lot out of a person to put love, time, money, effort into something just to have it taken away. I’ve had a hard time dealing with some of the cards that have been dealt but I’m finally to a place of letting go. There are quite a few people who have hurt me and my family but we continue to show love.

We stepped up to step down.

Stepping up to step down is what happens when you have the grace to say I didn’t think my time on this was done but here you can take the reins. With these types of transfers some people learn what others make look easy is really a hard road but also sometimes the reverse is true, a person can make something look so difficult and challenging but it ends up being a cake walk. I guess it depends on the people involved and the circumstances.

Not everyone is able to step up to step down, I think it takes a lot of strength of character, a super dose of faith and a lot of support but if you are able to do it if ever your time comes you will find rewards can be found when you step down. If nothing else you will at least have the self satisfaction of trying.


The reoccuring injury


It’s been well documented I have 4 kids. It’s been well documented the youngest is 2. As such we have now reached the age of scrapes and bruises. My baby seems to be favoring his left knee. In the past week he has fallen and scraped that knee 3 times.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it were just a surface scrape but the first time he scraped his knee he took off the entire first layer of skin and you guessed it everytime it starts to heal he scrapes it again. It’s gotten to where I’m tempted to make him wear knee pads just to walk around. šŸ˜¦

Luckly I know he will stop falling on that knee and it will heal it’s just getting to that point that’s proving to be a pain currently.

What are you looking at?

I had grand plans for a different post but that will have to wait a day. Something happened today that really irks my ire.

The kids and I went out to dinner (that’s a rare treat these days but none the less a whatever) while we were waiting in line a deaf couple came in and were behind us. My oldest (who is deaf) gets overly excited when he sees other deaf people in public settings and strikes up conversations. So my 16 yr old son and this couple who were in their early 60’sĀ  were chatting away.

Now for the part that irrates me – people stopped eating to watch this conversation in ASL. For those that don’t know that is RUDE!!!! It’s no different than inserting yourself into a conversation between hearing people (aka evesdropping). As if that weren’t enough for the rest of our meal people were staring and pointing at us. I wanted to scream, “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU LOOKING AT???!!!”

I know it’s a little different to see people converse in sign, even more so when they “look normal” but for the love of mercy they are NOT performing monkeys on a stage!!! They (we) are people having dinner and conversation like everyone else so please don’t stare. Our voiced conversations are just as strange to some deaf as the signed ones look to you. Next time you’re in public bite on that cookie, maybe then I can eat in peace.

Oh yeah and FYI – not everyone that signs is deaf so watch your mouths….. this momma bear does have claws šŸ˜‰

An AMAZING day!!!!


Overjoyed co-pilot


A happy passenger


Camino Island


Whidbey Island


A view of the clouds


Worth a thousand words

Today was the Challenge Air event at Paine Field in Everett, WA. This is by far the best day of the year in the opinion of my 16 year old who is the primary participant in our home. Challenge Air is an amazing event that is for special needs kids. With the help of countless volunteers and pilots who offer their small aircraft these kids get an oppertunity (ability able) to fly an airplane and get to experience something awesome!!! I think the pictures speak volumes.

I know it’s been awhile……

I know it’s been awhile but my life currently seems to be moving at the speed of light and I’m just standing in the way (or playing taxi – whichever is moreĀ convenientĀ at the time). Since my last post I have successfully registered for my winter quarter classes, gotten approved for another funding source for school, applied for yet another one, gone to a great Special Olympics soccer tournament, attended my first high school wrestling meet and welcomed a new addition (and hopefully last) to our family. To those who know me, no I did not have yet another child unless you count the four legged kind. See, it’s been a busy kind of life for me and now I’m gearing up for the best time of the year ever – that’s right Christmas!!! What’s not to love??!!! With 4 kids ranging from almost 16 to just 2 we’ve gotten kind of creative with what Santa is bringing. There won’t be a lot of toys really they don’t need anymore. I think two overflowing toy boxes is enough toys for two boys- but there are sure to be smiles all around. Also this Christmas we are going back to an old family tradition of mine – a real tree. I’m super excited for that one!!! Hopefully da tree will just appear sometime in the next week and yes I will post pics until then meet our new little guy –Ā Bruiser Ā (ok so now it’s July and for some reason I thought this was published way back in December but it wasn’t so here it is šŸ™‚ ) Image

A part of the journey


Adult life is NOTHING like I dreamed it would be when I was a child or a teen. Lot’s of things happened that I let get in the way of the dreams that I had for myself. None of them were really concrete but they were still my dreams. Now years later I’m finally starting to work on achiving some of those things. I’ve noticed on this part of the journey that some things are better left to the young, with their cocky devil may care attitudes but other things require wisdom, grace and experince that comes with age. I’m not saying that I’m old but I’ve been places and done things that younger people won’t get a chance to exerience. A person can share knowledge but it’s not the same as living through a similiar situation or set of circumstances. My hat will remain firmly in place but I will at times tip my brim at the youth for they are wonderful, remarkable people (on the whole). I however, prefer my age, my wisdom and my knowledge that came as a part of the journey of having once been in their shoes.