Our home has just under gone it’s first encounter with those pesky little vermin commonly referred to as head lice. My two youngest boys unfortunately we’re the sole targets, luckily however, it was discovered before it got out of hand.
I felt it my civic duty for those of you out there with peanut butter babies or even people who don’t want to use chemicals on their children’s hair to give you a run down on what I’ve used to rid our boys hair of this yuck.

Please note: in our circumstance chemicals did not need to be used (their infestation was largely nits as I was regularly and repeatedly killing off the adults)

Step 1: to rid the boys of the adults I used spearmint listerine,  yes spearmint listerine. I saturated the boys hair totally with it, put a disposable shower cap on their heads and let it sit for 4 hours. When the 4 hours were up I rinsed their hair really well, them washed it and conditioned it really good.

Step 2: I made oil slicks out of their hair with olive oil. After getting their hair good and covered in olive oil I combed through it with a flea comb (works the same as a lice comb, the important part is making sure the teeth are close together so the nits detach)

Step 3: after discovering that the first two things worked but the nits just wouldn’t give up I loaded their hair down with conditioner and combed through it with a super fine tooth rat tail comb.

Step 4: at the recommendation of others who have delt with lice before I saturated their hair in mayonnaise,  covered it with disposable shower caps and let it sit for about 5 hours.

Please note I DID NOT do all of these treatments in one day. This has been spread out over the course of 4 days (about a treatment a day). However,  if we ever encounter this problem again I now know to do a combination of steps 1, 3 and 2 in that order. If the lice or nits are still persistent I would recommend step 1, step 3, step 4 and then step 2.

If the lice don’t respond to any of these treatments I would advise seeking medical advice, again in our case it was just a matter of getting totally rid of the nits without resorting to the use of chemicals.

Also please make sure to wash all bedding and any special toys your kids sleep (such as stuffed animals) with HOT water (if you have a sanitize cycle on your washer use that) spray down the bedding and all furniture with spray made to kill them or white vinegar.

I hope this helps someone else out as much as its helped us.


Spring is springing


Spring is FINALLY springing in Alabama. I LOVE it!! Then again I love spring in the south… the temps are just right,  my allergies aren’t so haywire that I have to stay indoors and all the blood suckers aren’t populated yet. So awesome. Hopefully spring is springing where ever you are in the US.

Still here


I know its been awhile since I’ve checked in.  There’s lots going on. We’ve been on the midst of all this winter weather that’s plaguing the south,  our loveable 7 year old can’t seem to catch a break in the health department (he’s now got the flu) and life has just generally been moving at the speed of a turtle. I’ll probably have some pictures to share in the upcoming days as we are supposed to get about 5 inches of snow. Until next time be well.



There are some days and times I get really homesick for the natural beauty of Washington state. That’s not to say that Alabama doesn’t have its pockets of beauty but there’s just something about the lush greens, the old forests browns,  the beauty and majesty of the mountains……I can’t wait for my summer visit. It’ll be great to be back home again.

The sun shines again

As any of you who follow my blog know our 7 year old had surgery on the 23rd of January (also the birthday of our oldest son). 4 days after surgery he started running a fever. It was the kind of fever that behaves while under the influence of Tylenol or Motrin but in that strange in between time when you can’t really overlap the two his temp were spiking up to 102. Yeah,  not fun stuff.
Anyhow after a day of that nonsense I called the surgeon who told me to take him to his regular doctor who wouldn’t you know it was booked solid with flu patients until today. So like any normal mom I carried my way to sick child to the ER where I was informed he had developed a throat infection.
A new round of antibiotics and fever meds every six hours on the dot our 7 year old is now totally fever free and able to go back to school….. Tomorrow. (insert mom doing a happy dance) 
His doctor did tell me at today’s follow up that the throat looks good but he’s beginning to get thrush (most likely from all the antibiotics he’s been on). I’m just happy to have my baby boy back to almost normal instead of the sad looking lump of child who slept on the couch for 3 days in a row.
On that note now that he’ll be going back to school I’ll probably go back to posting my normal stuff about nothing.  Lol

The saying goes….


The joys of parenthood are without measure. Normally I would agree but this week has been one of stress and worry for me. Last Friday our 7 year old had surgery….. Nothing super major but surgery none the less.

Friday night into Saturday morning we were still dealing with the affects of anestsiea and pain meds. Sunday he was fine,  Monday he went to school,  Tuesday night he started running a low grade fever. Yesterday he  stayed home. This EARLY I woke up to my son having a raging temperature and vomiting.

Today we will be making a trip to his doctor to find out what the heck is going on. His discharge papers say seek immediate medical attention for a temperature over 101 after Tylenol but this mom says 2 days of fever and now vomiting…….something is very wrong with that picture.

When things are OK the joys of parenthood ARE without measure but when things are like they are now with a super sick child the stresses of parenthood are also without measure.

The weather makes the difference


My love affair with the south began in 1997 when I got stationed at Fort Lee by the Army. It reminded me of Washington state but with warmer weather. I love my home state but I also love warmer weather. Washington is beautiful and there’s so much to do and see if you’ve got money or not but at the same time all that grey and cold wears on a body.
After 7 years of living back in Seattle we decided to move the fam back to Alabama. It’s so much more laid back and of course there’s the added bonus of livable weather.  Take today today for example. After an overnight low of 34 we’ve now got 64 degrees. Perfect park weather for a certain little person who isn’t in school yet.
I will always love Washington and I always miss Seattle when I’m gone from there but you just can’t beat 60s in January and perfect spring temperatures starting in late February to mid March.