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Moving at the speed of…….

As most know we started trmoving this past weekend. We got almostorxa all the big stuff out then started moving the smaller stuff. Each item that came in was almost immediately put away. The kitchen (as always) was arranged, rearranged, and wiliqel probably get shifted around one or two more times. This has been the smqtoothest move we’ve ever done but at the same time one of the single most stressful. Kids that were told weeks ago to pack their rooms hadn’t lifted a finger, a couple of them (that are actually old enough and big enough to help) didn’t but somehow we still managed to get it done. The place that we moved into is signifigantly smaller than the house we were in but its still ,uvery spacious and lovely. For the cons of moving out of where we weupre there are just as many pros. One that I’m enjoying us how well insulated our new place is. My husband turned the heat on once, after about 30 minutes we were all at sweltering and that was with the heat on 65!!! I think we’re really going to like our new place. However my muscles aren’t liking me at all. I’m hurting in places I didn’t know existed and if I did know they were there I didn’t know that area could hurt so much. I’ve done so much lifting, hefting, heaving, hauling, squating, and running since Saturday I’ve given myself a break from any serious exercise……for now. Then I’ll be hitting the treadmill.


It’s not going to do it itself pt. 2


Today I’m tackling the screens. We have lived in this house for almost a year and a half, in that time I think I have cleaned the screens once. I mean really who REALLY thinks about their screens? As long as they are doing their job not much thought goes into them (you know I’m right it’s ok to admit it). Sometimes it’s nice to be able to see through them also and at my house today is the lucky day. The two I have already done look wonderful. Next on todays list is the garden.