The Exercise Game

Up until late last night I have been really down on myself due to my lack of motivation to consistantly exercise then it hit me.

I get plently of exercise just not in a conventional sense. I don’t go to the gym and I’m lucky if I do anything with any of the pilaties or yoga dvds I’ve spent a good chunk of change on. Mostly it’s because I have this thing about exersicing infront of people. If it’s a group setting and everyone is doing the same thing that’s fine but if I’m in my livingroom and my kids or husband wake up it’s over. The dvd goes off mid whatever. I just can’t do it, but anyhow back to how I do exercise.

It’s been well documented that I have 4 kids and all of them are active. It’s not unusual to find me running through the house playing hide and go seek with the younger two, or dancing with my daughter, or wrestling or sparing with my husband and oldest son. I would say within any given day I probably get 2 1/2 hours of exercise.

Am I targeting the areas I want to loose weight in? Nope. Am I consistantly getting my heart rate up? You betcha. Sooooo I’m gonna keep on playing, continue dancing and sparring after all these are the sorts of things my kids will look back on and say,  “hey, remember when mom would play with us?” Which I think is a more lasting memory than mom doing 500 curls everyday to get back to a pre 3 c-section belly.

So bring on some good music, a rousing tickle fest or sparring match and I’ll keep making happy memories with my kids.


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