A few days ago I let my daughter use my phone to text a friend. She was sitting on the couch which is innocent enough and then it happened…..    My phone dropped. No big deal I thought as I’ve dropped my phone a few times and it remained undamaged but something about that tumble to the floor from the couch did my screen in.

My phone is nothing super fancy and I was planning on getting a new one in the coming months but still it was kind of upsetting to me to see the two fine cracks on my screen. One is fine and goes across the screen the other goes up the screen into the casing.

Being the genius that I most of the time am (also following the adage old habits die hard) I put my phone in my back pocket upon retrieval from its customary place of rest I discover that there was yet another crack and just now after letting my daughter use my phone again I have two more cracks leading to a total of 5! 5 cracks!!! Hopefully I’ll be getting my phone replaced sooner rather than later.

It shouldn’t stop me from posting pics as I use my rear facing camera for those instead of the forward facing but if my post become scarce again it’s because I’ve suffered some sort of glass in finger pad related injury as a direct result of continuing to use a phone with a broken screen.


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