AM clouds follwed by afternoon sun

That’s been the weather here this week. We wake up to cloud cover that makes one believe there is no way the sun can shine so bright and the temprature be so warm as what it does in the afternoon. It got me thinking this morning, how often is life like that? Cloudy and grey and then BAM! brilliant, bright, and vibrant. We as people tend to focus on grey parts instead of the bright and sunny ones so here’s a challenge for us on the dark days recall at least three sunny moments in your life and see if it doesn’t make the darkness seem less dark. Or better yet why not challenge yourself to make at least one sunny moment a day. If we are striving to bring at least one sun filled moment into our lives on a daily basis there won’t be as much time for doom and gloom. Let’s try it and see how it works 🙂


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